Fueled by themes of intimacy, gender, and assimilation, Jake Ziemann's work explores personal states of being through process-based abstraction and symbolically-charged manipulation of everyday, utilitarian materials. The resulting anthropomorphized ceramic sculptures and collage-based works on paper allude to paradoxes that exist between strength and vulnerability, examining personal matters related to nostalgia, sexual restraint, and child-like expression. As a whole, Ziemann's work is suggestive of a surrealistic space - one that exists somewhere between the recognizable, exterior world and an interior, psychological place.

Ziemann's ceramic sculptures act as characters within this psychological world, rendering them as both self-portraits and static, fetishized objects. The connections between Ziemann's ceramic forms and their contructed bases allude to a sense of longing for permanence and structure, formally balancing a bright playfulness with a sense of fragility and eventual entropy. Rooted in personal sentiments associated with the labor it takes to develop relationships with friends, lovers, and the world around us, Ziemann's work mimics the emotional weight, exhaustions, and imperfections it takes to find harmony and subsequent belonging within a disorienting, ever-changing world.