Informed by notions of intimacy, co-dependency, and vulnerability, Jake Ziemann’s work explores personal states of being through bodily shapes that conjoin ceramic sculpture with utilitarian support. Ziemann’s ceramic forms fold over, slump, and lean, physically depending on their solid structural bases, which are constructed of everyday industrial materials such as bricks, wooden slats, painted cardboard, and gypsum panels. Using materials that are suggestive of the artist's studio and correlated with construction, these works are formally rooted in the process of building, while serving as a metaphor for the labor it takes to develop relationships with friends, lovers, and the world around us.

Through material explorations rooted in abstraction, Ziemann’s sculptures balance a bright playfulness with a sense of fragility and eventual entropy. Simultaneously melancholic and comedic in their sense of awkwardness, the connection between the ceramic forms and their constructed bases allude to a sense of longing for permanence and structure, weighted down by the exhaustions and imperfections inherent in all human interactions. Mirroring the subject matter of the pop song lyrics that are referenced in the titles of his pieces, Ziemann’s objects reflect the universality of personal matters that are often too difficult to discuss and share directly.